Songs Of Honouring

by Ryan Whitewolf

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This album is created of live songs done in the previous 6 months. I released this album because currently at the time of writing this I'm travelling Alice springs through the desert with an aim to visit and spend time with a lot of country and also be present with the Indigenous cultures. My next dream/project which this album will contribute towards is creating a meeting place within certain towns with Indigenous communities I connect with. I will be bringing a team to build An Adobe structure and fill it with Instruments and Recording equipment, an environment where creative mediums are expressed and can be an alternative solution for the Indigenous youth to go to for the weekends and create.
Then the next step is to bring Hip Hop artists, Musicians, Painters and Dancers, to hold workshops for the Indigenous youth, creating a circuit of creativity and Inspiration for the youth and to support their expression which can really effect a lot within all lives.
What I've seen as holding workshops, writing songs with the youth and personal experience, is that music is a cure for all. To bring a medium to express emotion and to transform it into medicine (creativity) is one of the most self-powering experiences that opens the hearts of many, bringing solution and resolution within all thoughts and finding a path of surrender to the passion and integrity within us all.

When Music, Art, and Dance is facilitated and inspired to express within culture, the value within our lineage, our expression, our creativity grows and deepens with our integrity. The art has been an amazing way for the indigenous to solidify their culture and gain recognition within their stories and their connection to the land opening doors for them to share with the world.

Their culture is close to them, the stories are in their blood, the songs are in their heart, and when we value that we will see great change, and great happiness within their hearts as the stories that they share so close to their heart will be heard with ears that listen.

Big thank you to all who helped me, Inspired me, Supported, have a lot of family out there and it feels good to be sharing the music with such amazing people...
Big thank you to Ryan Perry,
An amazing Engineer who recorded and mixed Ancestors, For All Our Relations and The Honouring. He was also the Mastering Engineer for all the tracks and helped me get it all together so I could have it up here to share.


released August 17, 2014



all rights reserved


Ryan Whitewolf Brisbane, Australia

Travelling around the world and raised by an Indigenous man it put me on a road of discovery to the true medicine within music. To fully devote, to the songs of country, to the noble heart is my path. Within all cultures, music has been used in ceremony, to celebrate, to heal and to carve natures way with the songs of country.
When surrendered, country gives you songs, and it becomes medicine.
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Track Name: Spirit Horse
When the boy turned to the mountain,
A man was born from his heart,
Hands full of feathers,
Of colours you would never forget,

So the woman turned to the ocean,
As his heart set sail to sea,

To my son,
Open up the sky,
Believe in your self,
The horses run in your blood,

When the boy turned to the mountain,
His heart turned to gold,
Sacred melodies was born from his heart of rejoice,
And the woman turned to sea,
The sea of the Integrity,
Believe in yourself,

To my son,
Open up the sky,
Believe in yourself,
The horse's gallop in your bones,

The passion in your heart,
Believe in yourself
Believe in yourself

To my son
Open up the sky,
Believe in yourself
Oh the horses they run in your blood

Believe in yourself
They run in your blood
They run in your blood
Track Name: Ancestors
Take me where the sun breaks through the storm,
Oh mother I'm coming home

Show me the true spirit walk,
Oh father I'll hold my heart strong,

We will honor each and every footstep,
Dream on dreamer
We are the saviors of the proud land,

Mother, Show me love,
Hold me while I dream with the stars above

Father teach me honour,
I wish to walk footsteps of integrity,

We will honor each and every footstep,
Dream on dreamer
We are the saviors of the proud land,
Track Name: Warrior
I remember when you were a child,
You wanted to change the world,
You shattered your own thumb,
So you wouldn't gouge at your dreams,

They told you to sit down be quiet,
But instead you got up to sing,
The trees held you in their arms
The ancient winds started to sing
and they said

you're a hero,
you're a saint,
you're a fighter
a warrior

you're a hero,
you're a saint
a protector,
a warrior

So the trees, they started to sing
the sacred melodies
Oh the whales showed you home
for eternity,
The brothers and sisters gather to sing songs
sacred and joyous
the rivers love

We're all heroes,
we're all saints,
we're all fighters

We're all heroes,
We're all saints,
We're all fighters,
Track Name: For All Our Relations
I was a lone wolf,
Travelling with my guitar in my hand,
Through the eyes of love,
I ran into the dark forest to understand,

With these blank pages,
The rhythm of spirit wrote my destiny,
The drums made my skin bleed,
Just to wake the ancient one within,

Oka hae
Oka hae

Grandfather told me,
You can trade your pain for humming birds to fly,
And if you let go sing with the trees,
Spirit will hear your cry,

So I let go and sung I don't want my heart to be hard,
That time is done,
But I want my fire to be strong,
To light a thousand more

Oka hae

Fear is a liar my son,
But never fear because you're the chosen one,

I'll be there through the storm,
When the raindrops and the thunder hits the floor,
Because we're all the same blood,
So will you sing,
For All Our Relations.

The ocean is breathing ,
and the dolphins are swimming,
I will breathe,
Because we are free,

When the Phoenix is burning,
Cycles ever turning,
For our heart to come alive,

When the stallion is running,
Tornado storms are calling,
Because we are free and we believe,

When the eagle is flying,
To cure the great dividing,
I will sing,
For all our relations
For all our relations

To the east,
To the fire within,
The passion, the purpose

To the waters, yes we are of the same blood,
The purity,

To the earth, the stones and trees that sing our songs
to believe

To the winds
To the Ancestors

Will you sing for all our relations
Track Name: Songbird
Songs sung by the ancient songbirds of time,
Remember who you are,
Melodies carving each footstep through and through
for you are the chosen one,
Rhythms of the mothers heartbeat swallowing you whole,
you're coming back home,
Melodies so crisp and pure like a child's laughter,
taking you home,

Remember who you are,
Remember who you are,

Lullabies sung by the ocean waves,
crashing, soaring through your veins,

The fire, The memories of live's we've done this all before
we're coming back home

The ancient winds dancing and singing your name
to the sacred waters

The ancient earth
Becoming country through and through
singing your name

Songs sung
by the ancient songbird of time
carving each footstep through and through
songs sung
by the honest of winds
the same fire
we've done this all before
remember who you are